When we started in 2000, the charter members committed to attain full recognition
as a Christian motorcycle club in the Kansas City area.  We successfully completed
that process on July 1, 2003, and began flying colors in Kansas City on that day.

Cycle Disciples have been active members of Kansas City’s biker community
from the very beginning.  We began supporting
“Bikers with a Mission�
(BWAM), an annual run designed to raise money for the work of the City Union
Mission in Kansas City in 2001.  In 2003, Rev. Guy Girratono approached us about
assuming responsibility for coordinating BWAM (for more information about Guy
Girratono and “Bikers with a Mission�, see Sonny Barger’s book,
€™ High and Livin’ Free
, published by William Morrow in 2002).  Rev. Guy had
been running the event for 14 years, but his health and other responsibilities were
making it more difficult for him to continue.  We began assuming responsibility for
BWAM in 2004.  Although Cycle Disciples coordinates the event, BWAM is actually
pulled together by a committee representing many organizations including Freedom
of Road Riders (F.O.R.R.) District 4 along with several F.O.R.R. locals.

Another key local event for us is the Heart of God Fellowship annual biker Sundays
at Buckner, Missouri.

Over the years, Cycle Disciples has also involved in events outside the Kansas City
area. For several years, we supported the annual National Gypsy Tour organized by
the Jackpine Gypsy Motorcycle Club at Sturgis, SD by providing provide road guards
and making biker New Testaments available to every rider.  It’s an honor and
privilege to support of a ride that began with Pappy and Pearl Hoel in 1938 as part
of the very first Sturgis Rally and Races.

We also support “LZ Rainelle�, and annual veterans / POW / MIA rally at
Rainelle, WV in conjunction with Task Force Omega of Kentucky.  The rally takes
place the Saturday before Memorial Day each year.  For more information on â
€œLZ Rainelleâ€�, visit Greasy’s website at

In 2005, Cycle Disciples began the annual Kansas City Christian Biker Workshop in
an effort to draw together various Christian motorcycle organizations in the greater
Kansas City area and to share information about how to make our respective
ministries better.

In 2006, we began the “Kickstand Award� designed to recognize an
outstanding individual or organization who has significantly contributed to the
Kansas City motorcycling community.  The first Kickstand Award winner was Ralph
Wayne Blackmore, founder of the Vintage Backyard Nationals motorcycle show
conducted every year in, of all places, his backyard.  The award was announced at
the 2006 Christian Bikers Workshop on January 14, 2006.  Subsequent recipients
include Kim Suter, Ray Worth, Bill McCormack, Guy Girratono, and Richard and
Connie Kephart.

As we continue to move forward, we are ever mindful of where we have been, and
how God has blessed each individual, family, and the club as a whole.

“Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.�
(Proverbs 27:17)

Updated February 8, 2011
Cycle Disciples Motorcycle Club History
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Cycle Disciples of Kansas City is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Missouri.
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Cycle Disciples Motorcycle Club is an independent Christian
motorcycle club based in Kansas City, Missouri.  We are not
associated with any church, denomination, fellowship,
association or club, but operate as a stand-alone organization.

Originally established as a chapter of the Fellowship of Cycle
Disciples, we incorporated as a not for profit in the State of
Missouri in October 2001.  We filed for, and received tax
exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3
organization in February 2003.  And in 2005, we went totally
independent by terminating our association with the
Fellowship of Cycle Disciples (a.k.a., Cycle Disciples